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 Humble Beginnings

About DivaSpeaks Relationships

Whether you’re over the moon or down in the dumps, our podcast is the one to listen to. We have enthusiastic, funny, and understanding hosts that will ensure that no moment is boring! 

How It All Started

Our podcast was created by AnGala Portorreal in April 2019. Since then, we’ve continued to produce engaging content for everyone worldwide.



AnGala Portorreal is a happily married mother who has two beautiful daughters. She’s a native of Dallas, Texas and is currently residing in Charlotte, North Carolina. She decided to share her gift of providing effortless encouragement and relationship insights by hosting a love podcast.

She enjoys karaoke, bowling, kayaking, swimming in lazy rivers, taking a good walk, reading, public speaking, and drinking great coffee. Her talents don’t just extend to hosting a podcast; she’s also a fashion blogger, entrepreneur, business socialite, author, image consultant, accounting, analyst, and a self-proclaimed fashionista!

Our Mission

Coming Soon

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